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Destination Overview: Fiji



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Island and Beach
Diving and Snorkeling
Culture and History

Fiji is made up of 333 island’s, with a diversity of cultures and activities. Fiji is truly a tropical escape, where you can unwind on uncrowded beaches, dive amongst beautiful reefs and hike in beautiful forest’s. Fiji is rated as one of the top ten dive destinations in the world.

The weather is South Sea Tropical climate, ideally suited to an outdoors vacation. Plenty of beaches, offering an abundance of romantic getaway’s, diving, snorkeling and cruising options. If staying on the land is more to your liking you have the options of hiking, visiting local villages and learning the local culture first hand.

Fiji offers many unique experiences from an evening full of colorful traditional with Fijian ‘meke’ song and dance or watching the firewalking ritual where Fijians walk barefoot over red-hot coals!


Winter: May – October. Trade winds constant and ocean visibility best.
Water temperature 25 – 27C (77-80F).
Average air temps 20 – 26C (68-79F)
Summer: November to April. Hotter and more humid.
Water temperature 27 – 29C (80-84F).
Average air temps 23 – 30C (73-89F).