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How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney?

Many folks often wonder, will I be able to handle the flight to Australia? How long is the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney? From Los Angeles to Melbourne? Will I be too jet lagged? While Australia is a fair distance away, the flight is not nearly as daunting as you may think.

The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney is around 14 hours, and the flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne is around 15 hours. When travelling to Australia from the United States, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas are your departure options. As far as airlines, there are a total of 6 carriers that offer flights to Australia from the United States. Qantas, United Air Lines, Delta, and V Australia offer direct flights. Air Pacific offers service via Fiji and Air Tahiti Nui offers service via Tahiti.

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While 14-15 hours may seem like a long time to be on a plane, the airlines are aware of this perception, and offer amenities that make your journey more comfortable. Flight departure times are typically later in the evening, and dinner is usually served once a comfortable cruising altitude is reached. Many of the airlines have individual touch-screen television monitors installed in the headrest in front of you. Via the touch screen, travelers can browse a list of movies (usually around 40-50 titles are available), television programs, music, games (that can be played against other passengers) and even chat rooms.

We at SeeANZ think a good strategy when flying to Australia is this: eat dinner, then try and stay up for as long as you can. Read for awhile, then try and watch 2 or even 3 movies. By then you should be pretty well tired. If you can knock off for 6 or so hours (as we all know sleeping on a plane is not always the most comfortable situation), you should be doing pretty well. Consider sitting in a window seat, as it affords you the convenience of leaning your head and pillow against the airplane’s cabin. If you can afford it, look in to flying premium economy or first class, as the seats and amenities there are even more luxurious.

When your flight is a few hours from Australia, the crew will bring the lights up and serve breakfast. After a few hours of sleep and a fresh cup of coffee, you’ll find yourself landing in Australia usually around dawn, 2 days after you left (this is because your flight crosses the International Date Line). While we know it’s not this simple, the idea is that you’ve just had “a late night” on the plane, and that you’ll hit the ground running when you arrive in Australia.

While travelling internationally always tends to cause a little jet lag, we think these few tips can help make your flight to Australia a comfortable one. Besides, once you arrive, the energy and beauty of Australia will lift your spirits high!

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